Siemens SIEMENS S5 7.2

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The exact content of your system software is listed in the Product
Information which is supplied either with your new PG or with your STEP 5
In the PG 740, for example, the system software Windows 95, STEP 5 V7
etc. is installed on the hard disk in compressed form in five languages. The
advantage of this for you is that you can use your STEP 5 software on the
PG after making only a few basic settings and selections.
1.2 New Features Compared with Version 6.x
With the introduction of STEP 5/ST V7.0, there is now an identical software
package for programming devices and PCs. After installation on either type
of system, STEP 5/ST cannot be copied.
STEP 5/ST V7.0 has the following extended or modified functions.
 DOS shell call within STEP 5/ST: DOS commands can be called without
closing STEP 5.
 Operation on a server. The authorization must, nevertheless, be installed
on the local destination device.
 The STL editor/batch compiler is shipped with STEP 5/ST.
 Language change within STEP 5.
 History (repeat function) for input fields in the dialog boxes and when
selecting the project.
 Extended syntax for the block list (uniform for all functions such as editor
and printer).
 If you select the option in the project settings, the last active optional
package is noted and is started automatically when STEP 5 is started.
 Recording of the five project files last used in the menu.
 Extension of the help and information functions in the menu and dialog
 Integration of color settings in the menu.
Software Supplied
with the PG
STEP 5/ST V7.0
 Inclusion of the COM packages in the menu. The COM packages can be
included in the “Change” menu allowing them to be started directly as
already usual in GRAPH 5/II.
 It is now possible to print blocks with calls for missing FBs and to print
ranges of blocks.
The ergonomics of the package have been improved:
 “Flat” menu structures: in most cases, now only two levels.
 New acceleration keys and hot keys: SHIFT, CTRL and ALT supported in
menus and in dialog boxes.
 Harmonization of the dialog boxes: uniform structure in dialog boxes,
divided into source, destination, output, and options.
 Project settings now in the form of tab pages: simple, extended, and clear
design of the project settings arranged according to the topics: PLC,
Blocks, Symbols, Documentation, Eprom, and Options.
The performance has been significantly improved:
 Direct, fast editor calls: the block editors can be called directly from the
project settings, the DIR and the ISTACK.
 Integration of the EPROM driver in the STEP 5/ST standard package: the
EPROM driver must no longer be loaded as a resident program in memory
when the PC/PG is booted.
 Revision of the editor for bus selection
 Improved installation tool
 Reduction of memory requirements (conventional RAM)
 Increased performance with reduced package loading times
The architecture has been revised:
 Real DOS application
 Use of DOS paths
 No limitation on the use of drives (not for old COM packages)
 Use of extended memory (XMS and EMS)