PLC Modules

Phoenix PLC

Gained prominence in the industry as a manufacturer, supplier and exporter, we are engrossed in offering Phoenix PLC. It is the most efficient controlling system that finds its usage in various industrial applications. Our offered modules are designed and developed in accordance with the guidelines laid in the industry to attain highest benchmarks of quality.


Longer operational life
High performance
Minimal maintenance


When it comes to safety technology., switching devices must be easy to use and safe – this is the basis for the PSR series from Phoenix Contact. Certified safety offers the highest standard of quality and reliability. PSR safety switching devices are developed and certified in accordance with the latest functional safety requirements for control systems in machines and systems.

Certified Safety
EN 954-1, ISO 13849-1 and IEC 62061 for machine and system engineering
IEC 61508 for the process industry
Germanischer Lloyd (GL), for use in ship-building industry and offshore systems
EN 50156-1 (safety level 3), for use in furnaces. steam generators, waste heat boilers, rotary furnaces and hot gas generators.
Safety relays
A comprehensive product range
With proven positively driven contacts according to EN 50205
Up to SIL 3 for the process industry
Configurable safety modules
For centralized and distributed control concepts
Individual creation of safety logic using software
Safety-related I/O module
For automation networks
Easy integration in PROFlsafe via PROFINET/PROFIBUS and in INTERBUS – Safety
Programmable Safety Controllers
For complex network structures
For PROFlsafe via PROFINET
Product Code: SIL-II-Certify-IO

Control Technology Flow Chart Programming

Steeplechase VLC: powerful and intuitive PC Based control
Advanced programming tools
Fast, deterministic, reliable runtime
Powerful runtime debugging maintenance tools
Unparalleled support for fieldbus systems
Enhanced development environment
Scalable Control
HMI options
Total enterprise connectivity
Flow chart and RLL editors
Flow Chart Programming
Ladder diagram programming
Boolean and bit operators
Mathematical Functions
String Functions
Berkley Sockets
Integrated motion
The configurable PSR-TRISAFE modular monitors all safety-related functions in your machines and systems. using drag & drop

Flexible Extension with safe I/O modules
Safe operation with TUV-certified hardware and software
PSR-TRISAFE adapts to your requirements easily and flexibly.
Fieldbus Gateways
Simply connect the fieldbus gateway to your PSR – TRISAFE station and all status information becomes available for the machine control systems.
Master module of just 67.5 mm.
20 safe inputs, 4 safe outputs
Clock, alarm and ground switching outputs
Clear display of all I/O states using LEDs
Extension modules
Safe extension modules of just 22.5 mm.
Digital I/O module
8 safe inputs, 4 safe outputs
Clocks and alarm outputs
Relay available from 3rd quarter 2010
Easy device configuration
Configure the functions of PSR-TRISAFE modules with the free SAFECONF software by simply using drag & drop.
How does intelligent software support me through to safe machine operation ?
The SAFECONF configuration software helps you to avoid systematic errors. Use certified function blocks, the automatic logic test, practical wiring check and comprehensive simulation

Safety-Proxy Phoenix

interrelated I/O modules

The safety-related I/O modules of the inline system can be used with PROFsafe via PROFINET/PROFIBUS and in INTERBUS Safety systems, depending on the bus coupler and safety controller used.
Use the modularity of the inline system and easily integrate safety functions into your automation network with safe I/O modules.
Emphasis on modularity
The functions can be flexibl combined as required.

Safe I/O modules
The PROFsafe modules can be integrated into the inline station at any position

The bus coupler is the universal link between the automation network and I/O level
Programmable safety Controller

The safety controller as a 2 in 1 combination
The RFC 470S PN 3TX is a high-performance controller with an integrated he RFC 470S PN 3TX is a high-performance controller with an integrated afety controller. This combination allows integration of safety functions into an already existing network and thus reduces installation and wiring costs.
The Safety-Proxy
The SLC 400 PND-4TX-IB integrates INTERBUS – Safety networks into PROFINET. Safety controllers in combination with a safe bus system are the right choice for extensive applications with a high number of safety functions.You can integrate INTERBUS-Saftety networks into the world of PROFINET with our Safety-Proxy. The RFC 470S is the high end solution for wide range of standard and safety applications. The PROFIBUS interface allws direct communication with PROFIsafe modules.