PLC Panel

Mitsubishi plc q series, fx series.




Mitsubishi HMI


GT10 series , a versatile range of graphic terminals that fit to a diverse range of applications, realizing affordability with basic functionality ! – enhanced alarm functions for alarm display, history & scrolling. – easy to use device monitor, recipe & clock function. – multi -language switching for display. – multi-unit connection (up to 2 units).

Mitsubishi VFD

THE series of variable frequency drive are FR-A, FR-D, FR-E & FR-F.The feature of these vfd are, – Higher accuracy operation with encoder(Vector control). – Advanced magnetic flux vector control. – Network Connection as you desired. – Simple operation and Easy Maintenance. – Rj 45 port support optional alpha-numeric keypad. – Intelligent Functions like 1. overload capacity increased to 200% for 3 sec. 2. Torque limiting. 3. Advanced auto tuning. 4. Catch spin feature.


Servo Panel


High performance servo motor. – High-accuracy positioning, – High responsiveness. – SSCNET, High speed compatible.


Mitsubishi PLC

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The range of Mitsubishi PLC that we bring forth is used in many Industries. The Mitsubishi PLC is well designed and implements sophisticated technology. The Mitsubishi PLC is extremely efficient. We provide an assortment of Mitsubishi PLC such as FX Series PLC and QRPH PLC.



Mitsubishi PLC Controller

With the FX Series PLC series, mitsubishi electric micro programmable logic controllers are expanding the boundaries of traditional micro programmable logic controller applications. From the extremely compact FX1S and FX1N Series to the highly advanced FX2N Series and FX3U, Mitsubishi Electric has a perfectly sized control solution to satisfy a wide variety of needs. The diverse lineup of FX Series PLC can supply reliable performance in a package to fit your system requirements.

Mitsubishi PLC Controller



The expanded lineup of the high-performance model, the basic model “QUTE” and further the process CPU fully meets a wide variety of control needs. The Mitsubishi Q PLC not only provides a variety of high-level control functions. These QRPH PLC is well designed to suit the diverse Industry requirements.





Mitsubishi Fx3u80mrds

Mitsubishi fx3u80mrds saniya control systems brings used mitsubishi fx3u80mrds dc base unit40 dc in/40 relay out in good and working condition.
we are supplier of used and unused industrial electronic materials like plc, hmi, touch panel, drives, power supply, and many other automation products and spare parts.
we have industrial electronics in make like siemens, allen bradley, ge fanuc, mitsubishi, modicon, hitachi, schneider, fuji electric, abb, omron, delta and many other brands.
please contact us for any type of requirement regarding any used industrial material.

A1S-61PN Mitsubishi

A1S-61PN MITSUBISHI POWER SUPPLY MODULE Saniya Control Systems bringsUSED A1S-61PN MITSUBISHI POWER SUPPLY MODULE 5VDC 5AMP OUT 100-240VAC in good and working condition.
We have Industrial Electronics in make like Siemens, Allen Bradley, Ge Fanuc, Mitsubishi, Modicon, Hitachi, Schneider, Fuji electric, ABB, Omron, Delta and many other brands.




Mitsubishi Products
Our company is the leading manufacturer and distributor of Mitsubishi which are well known for the intelligent function utility and high performance. These products are highly featured and are able to provide a long lasting service. The exclusive range of our products include Q PLC, FX3u Series PLC, GOT, Beijer Make E 1000 SERIES MMI, Variable Frequency Drives and Servo.
We offer Q PLC which has a feature of supporting Multiple CPU for better process, motion and to control PC on a single system. This range has Intelligent Function Utility configurations tools and is compatible with Q series. We offer a full range of Q Series products which are employed with network and communication features. These products are offered with the integrated PSU and CPU which are able to simplify system constructions with Q00J CPUs. A serial communication is built in our product through CPU. Our range is capable of providing various functions such as security functions Support, Floating point, Function Block, PID and SFC Programming.
Multiple CPU support; use up to three CPUs to combine sequence, process, motion & PC control on a single system (Version B or later)
Compatible with Q Series Intelligent Function Utility configuration tools
Offers Full range Q Series network & communication Features, including CC-Link IE 1Gbit Ethernet, MELSECNET/H
Integrated PSU, CPU and base unit available to simplify system construction with Q00J CPUs
Built in serial communications via CPU port (using MELSEC Communication (MC) protocol)
Security functions Supports floating point, function block, PID and SFC programming (Version B or later).

FX3U Series PLC

We are the leading manufacturer and service provider of FX3U Series PLC. This product contains a new high speed bus which increases the performance and efficiency. The adapters imported in our products add flexibility. This range is employed with the quality material which increases the input output efficiency up to 4.5 times faster. These materials increase the memory up to 8 times and can store the data 5 times faster. Our range has the ability to inherit 75 new instructions. This range possesses a high speed positioning for improved communications. The cost of our products is very much affordable.


GOT is the leading manufacturing product of our company which is highly efficient and durable. This range has a Full-graphical terminal and Input through touch screen or conventional Keyboard. For handling instructions and processing values Analog display is provided. These products perform PLC diagnostics functions. Our assortment contains drivers for all MELSEC PLCs and third party manufacturer. We provide this range of product at economical prices in the market for our customers.
Full-graphic terminal
Input via touch screen and/or conventional keyboard
Analog display of process values
Recipe handling
PLC diagnostics function
Drivers for all MELSEC PLCs as well as various third-party manufacturer

Beijer Make E 1000 SERIES MMI

We are engaged in offering a wide range of Beijer Make E 1000 SERIES MMI products which is well known for superior performance and numerous functions. For easier handling, this product is ergonomically designed with explorer type buttons. To stand up in the industrial workplace this product is provided with tough Aluminium casting. A bright TFT display with high resolution and 16 grayscales or 65, 536 colors make display clear easily readable. It also contains a new efficient performing Intel Xscale CPU with windows CE.NET. This range is provided with USB host and Device interfaces. Our product has a compact flash slot for data storage and file transfer.
Simple ergonomic design, with Explorer type buttons for easier use
Tough Aluminium casing – stands up to the industrial work place
Bright TFT display with high resolution and 16 greyscales or 65,536 colours makes the E1000 display clear and easily read
New high performance Intel Xscale CPU with Windows CE.NET
USB host and device interfaces
Compact flash slot for file transfer and data storage

Variable Frequency Drives

We are one of the leading manufacture and service provider of Variable Frequency Drives. It performs simple operations and configurations. This range is imported with USB connectivity and has a standard Modbus RTU. These are built in with the brake unit upto 22KW and fully programmable vector and VF controls. This range is designed to provide a 10 years product life with excellent product reliability. Our range is capable of handling 50 degree ambient temperature. Also provides conformity to global standards, specifications and certifications.
Simple operation and configuration
USB connectivity
Vector control and VF control (fully programmable)
Soft PWM function for reduced motor noise
Standard Modbus RTU
Built-in brake unit upto 22kW
Flexible control units and intuitive configuration and setup
Self diagnostic warning for key internal component like capacitor & cooling fan
Designed for 10 years product life with outstanding product reliability
Ambient temperature 50 deg. C
Conformity to global standards, specifications and certifications


Servo is a leading manufacturer product of our company which is combined with superior motion controls. This range is able to provide complete endless solutions for addressing single point-to-point system solutions through fully synchronized 96 axis system. The Motion Controllers products with network commands provide a choice of controlled topology complimented by the range of functions that enables the address ability to wide range of applications. The amplifiers, J2 super and J3 series with Servo Motors has taken Motion Control to a new one.