Photoelectric Sensors

Photoelectric sensing uses a beam of light to detect the presence or absence of an object. This technology is an ideal alternative to inductive proximity sensors when the required sensing distances are longer or when the item to be sensed is non-metal. Autonics 4-kind general purpose photoelectric sensor products lines are designed with its advanced technology combined with the optic & electric technology, are widely selected in the various fields of industry for its optimized functions, quality, application flexibility and reliability while remaining strongly competitive with its price among the whole industry.

Photoelectric Sensor

Miniature and built-in amplifier for long sensing distance type (BJ series)

Long sensing distance with high function lens (Max. 15m)
Through beam / Diffuse reflective / Retro reflective
Compact size: W32 x H20 x L10.6 mm
NPN / PNP open collector output
Light on / Dark on selectable
Built-in sensitivity adjustment VR
Stable detection for transparent object (LCD, glass etc) by BJG30-DDT
IP67 water proof (IEC standard)
Power supply: 12-24VDC

Photo micro sensor (BS5 series)

Built-in miniature amplifier
Sensing distance: Fixed 5mm
Various appearance: K, T, L, V, Y
NPN open collector output
High speed response frequency: 2 KHz
Power supply: 5-24VDC
Connection: connector type

Small diffuse reflective type with long sensing distance (BA2M–DDT)

Sensing distance: 2m
2 color LED [Operation: Red, Stable: Yellow(Red + Green)]

Small emitter/receiver synchronizing type (BY500 series)

Built-in amplifier
Size: W12 x H16 x D30mm
Reverse power polarity and over current protection circuit
Fast response speed: 1ms

DC back ground suppression diffuse reflective type (BYD30 / BYD50)

Superior detection not affected by color of target
Sensing distance: 10-30mm / 10-50mm
Adjustable the response time (OFF Delay time: 0.1-2sec)

Slim and built-in amplifier through beam type (BPS3M)

Easy to mount by flat type (W28 x H16 x D7.7mm)
Realization of 3m sensing distance as small size

Compact and built-in amplifier (BM / BMS)

Easy to mount at a narrow space with small size and light weight
Size: W51.5 x H27.7 x W16mm (BM), W55 x H28.5 x 16mm (BMS)
Sensing distance: Through beam(3m), Diffuse reflective(200mm), Retro reflective(0.1-1m)

Universal voltage type with built-in amplifier (BEN)

Relay output / NPN,PNP open collector output
Sensing range: 10m for through beam, 0.1-5m for retro reflective, 300mm for diffuse reflective and 0.1-3m for polarized retro reflective type
Selectable Light ON or Dark ON mode by switch
Size: W50 x H50 x D18mm

Terminal type photoelectric sensor for long distance (BX)

Universal power supply (24-240VDC/AC, 12-24VDC)
Sensing range: 15m for through beam, 0.1-5m for retro reflective, 700mm for diffuse reflective and 0.1-3m for polarized retro reflective type
NPN/PNP open collector output (DC power supply), Relay output (Universal power supply)
Self diagnosis function (Green LED)
Timer : ON delay, OFF delay, One-shot Delay
Size:W80 x H68 x D25mm

Cylindrical photoelectric sensors (BR Series)

Detects up to 20m (Through-beam type)
High-speed response time under 1ms
Excellent heat-resistance performance with glass lens (BR4M)
IP66 protection structure (IEC standard)


Fiber Optic Sensors
Fiber Optic sensors, photo lens eliminated amplifier combined with fiber optic cable, are ideal where small objects detection and quick response time is required. Moreover, the high flexibility of the optic cable allows easy installation fitting almost anywhere. Autonics fiber optic sensing amplifiers and cables of real compact body offer sophisticated part detection, quick response time and generous sensing range.
Fiber Optic Sensor

Used for small object detection and where quick response time is required.
Fiber Optic Sensor BF5

BF5 series which senses high speed moving objects & minute objects, due to its 1/10,000 high resolution & high speed sensing (20,000 times per sec)
It is having Dual-display for light incident level and setting value (BF5R-D).
Up to 8 units adjacent mounting is possible with mutual interference prevention function.
It has 4 types of response time settings i.e. Ultra Fast mode (50microsec), Fast mode (150microsec), standard mode (500microsec), and long distance mode (4ms).
The design is very slim (W10 X H30 X L70mm).
The power supply voltage is 12-24 VDC.
The output is NPN open collector output.
Fiber Optic Amplifier (BF4R)

Min. sensing object: Ø 0.03mm
Auto sensitivity setting (Button setting) / Remote sensitivity setting
Response time: Max. 0.5 ms
Output: PNP/NPN open collector.
Light ON / Dark ON mode selectable
Supply voltage: 12 to 24 VDC
DIN rail mounting available
Timer function: Off delay 40ms fixed
External synchronization input function, Mutual interference protection, Self diagnosis function
Overcurrent protection and reverse power polarity protection circuit
Light source: RED(BF4R) / GREEN(BF4G)

Fiber Optic Amplifier (BF3R)

Able to adjust sensitivity with high accuracy by dual adjuster
High speed response: Max. 1ms
Selectable Light ON / Dark ON mode by control wire
Supply voltage: 12 to 24VDC
Over current protection and reverse power polarity protection circuit

Fiber Optic Cable

Through beam type, Diffuse reflective type
M3, M4, M6 mm
Fiber diameter: 0.5mm, 1mm
Sensing distance
a. Transmitted beam type: Up to 400 mm with BF4R
b. Diffuse reflective type: Up to 120 mm with BF4R
Available both Plastic and Glass cable
Available heat resistance type
Able to use for explosion proof (fiber part)
Adjustable length with free cut type optic cable